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Miami Rugby Old Boys Weekend Schedule : September 9-11, 2016

Oxford Hotels:
The Comfort Inn - (513) 524-0114
Best Western - (513) 523-0000
Elms Holiday Inn - (513) 524-2002

Weekend Schedule
Friday Evening: 8:00 - Informal @ Skipper's Pub
Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM MURFCAA - Annual General Meeting @ Farmer Business Building : FSB 0020

Saturday Match Schedule
Location: Ditmer Field (East of campus on State Rt. 73)
1:15 p.m. - Informal game of touch
2:00 p.m. - Miami A-Side v Old Boys A-Side
3:30 p.m. - Miami B-Side v Old Boys B-Side
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. - Post-match social (Top Deck)

Match & Social Fee: $35 in advance, $40 day-of-event
Annual Dues: To be an official member of the Miami Rugby Alumni Association, dues are $100/year...

Miami Rugby Old Boys (Sept 12, 2015)

The Old Boys won the match this year with 17 players on a cool day with a high of 65 degrees. We played three 30 minute halves, and it was a low scoring game on both sides. Notable performances by Ryan Rybka, Bob Schinke, Josh Burgin, Chris Branson, and Eric Schwarz highlighted the Old Boys ability to control the match but retaining posession of the ball for what seemed like 5 minutes after the initial kick-off.

A turn-over from the Old Boys and great ball management by Miami allowed them to turn it on and march down the field with each tackle and ruck as well as the occasional Old Boy penalty. Miami was within our 22 and threatening to score. Several times, the Old Boys were able to take possession and kick the ball back up towards the sideline to relieve the pressure. Miami held onto the ball and managed to score close to 10 minutes into the game by taking advantage of an overload on a penalty within 10 meters of the goal line.

Despite Miami having the first try of the match, the Old Boys were able to come back from the young guys first try and bring it back down the field. On the kickoff, Miami had created a badly timed knock-on which gave the Old Boys a well-positioned scrum close the the Miami 22. After a variety of champaign-style passes from one Old Boy to another followed by beautiful rucks with a number of "pick and go's", the Old Boys scored soon after with notable moves by Bob, Rybka, and try from Chris Branson (this from my recollection).

Much of the first half was back and forth by both teams with no scores. Great rugby was played by both teams, and the pressure was on to see who would come out the victor! The second half was a bit of a blur as I became more tired from playing. All you guys really need to know is that Eric Schwarz scored our winning goal in true Old Boy fashion by using his sheer size (in height) to take the ball from 5 meters out, see the goal line, and launch his 250 pound - 6' 6" frame over several young boys to touch it down close to the posts.

The third half was notably the most fun for both young and old boys, as several of our Old Boy work-horses took a break and gave some Miami guys a chance to play with the Old Boys and see the game from our side. The Old Boys and Miami teams were both haunted by knock-ons due to a slippery ball when we caught a spout of rain during game play. Yet again, Old Boys prevailed after about 20 scrums.

For those who missed out this year, make sure you make it out next year!!!



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